The electronic HR102 Transfer/ separation checklist is now live in Workday

The electronic HR102 Transfer/ separation checklist is now live in Workday

To improve the compliance requirements and assist with the completion of the HR102 Separation & Transfer Checklist, effective Monday, October 11, managers will now receive the checklist electronically in Workday when a separation or transfer is processed.  


Key items included in this rollout: 

  • Electronic process will eliminate the need for managers to print, complete, and upload a PDF version of the checklist.
  • Upon submission of the Initiate Separation form in WorkLion, submitters will now receive an automated email response to include reminders of steps of a separation.
  • A one-time clean-up of managers’ incomplete existing HR102 Transfer & Separation Checklist tasks will be completed for those with a separation date effective prior to September 1, 2021. Separate communication with additional details will follow.
  • The Workday Checklist task can be delegated/reassigned in the same manner as the current task.


Resources available:

  • Procedural content, previously located in the PDF checklist and Policy HR102, is now located in the Knowledge Base:
  • A PDF version of the checklist is available in the Knowledge Base for individuals that are not in Workday (e.g. volunteers, third party contractors) and should be only used for those individuals: Transfer/Separation Checklist Completion Guidelines
  • Reporting available to units for monitoring completion of checklists:
    • PSU_REP_CR10800_Transfer_Separation_Questionnaire_Details
    • PSU_REP_CR10801_Transfer_Separation_Questionnaire_Answers
    • PSU_REP_CR10802_Transfer_Separation_Questionnaire_BP_Summary
  • HR102 is currently under extensive review and will be updated.


For questions regarding this update please reference the Knowledge Base Article found at: Transfer and Separation Guidelines for Managers or call HR Services at 814-865-1473.