What is a supervisory organization in Workday?

Supervisory organizations are the primary foundation of Workday, as they show who reports to whom. Employees belong to a supervisory organization overseen by their Manager. A Manager in Workday is anyone who supervises one or more direct report(s). All employees at Penn State must be in a supervisory organization, as this is the structure used to run business processes, collect data, and designate workers to their manager and appropriate support roles. Supervisory organizations drive the following: visibility into the employee record, access to processes and tasks, business process routing and approvals, as well as reporting relationships.

All employees - including faculty, staff, technical service, and students - must belong to a supervisory organization. Once an employee is hired, they become a ‘Member‘ of the supervisory organization into which they were hired. A Manager of a supervisory organization is hired into the supervisory organization above (superior to) the one that he/she manages. The Manager of a supervisory organization is never a member of the supervisory organization that they manage. 

Organizations, based on the reporting hierarchy, are then arranged into superior and subordinate organizations. This structure creates an organizational chart throughout the entire University.